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That's Gerolsteiner? Oh it is. Different bottles.

That one has more carbonation. Gerolsteiner well has more carbonation than any other well.


It's a good carbonation, right?


Please. If you keep interrupting, we're gonna be here till midnight.

I hate to be rude to you like that.

In every well, like San Pellegrino, Gerolsteiner, Perrier; in the wells, you have a water table, and then you have a gaseous table. They are never together, they shoot them together. So, the carbon is always added to the water, but it's a natural carbon.

And those that don't say naturally carbonated, if they say carbonated natural water or carbonated naturally, carbonated naturally is okay cuz they're using the carbon from the well, instead of the synthesized carbon, like Coca-Cola, Pepsi and all your other soda companies do.

Now Perrier used up all their carbon and they had no way to keep reproducing, so they went to Gerolsteiner and they got a deal where they buy their carbon. Perriers carbon is very low, San Pellegrinos is rather low. Apollinaris is the next best to Gerolsteiner if you want a lot of natural carbonation in yours.

And the carbonation, what it can do is it can bleach out certain toxins in your blood. It's a natural hydrogen peroxide.





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