coconut cream


Well, there are many solvents, many processes that can do it. If you take coconut cream, which is best solvent that I've seen for metals. What causes them to be cohesive, it'll go in there and just all of a sudden melt it, and then the molecules are separating sparse. So, then your fat molecules, your fat cells, where your white blood cells can go in and bind with them and send them out of the body. 

You know what a zit is? A zit is a bunch of white cells, fatty cells, that chelates with toxins, and they're passing them out through the pore. You may have 5 billion white cells pussing out of a spot that is only five or six molecules of something that is very dangerous, even to take cocaine and snort cocaine. If they go on a good diet, you can better believe that if they have any lymph problems at all they're going to be putting out postulation all over everywhere because it takes 30 to 40 molecules of fat to bind new one molecule of cocaine to get it out of the body. 

You may try to throw it out the kidneys or blood stream with congested lymph. 

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