I have a couple questions. What do you think about smog and the impact in relation to eating well? Like can this totally counteract that in a place like LA? And what about the-


Let's take one question at a time. Good question. From what I've seen on this diet, your body can handle that pollution, but it depends upon how well you are in the first place.

Pollution. Well, I can be in the worst pollution in the world. I don't get the problems that I used to from the pollution. I'll start sneezing a little bit. I'll have like mucus for a few days when I get into heavy pollution and I'll be spitting the mucus from my throat. That's about the worst thing it does to me.

It used to make me catatonic. I used to shorten of breath. I would get spasms around my heart. I'd pass out being in the heavy pollution. Doesn't affect me that way anymore, but you have to get to a point where you're pretty strong, where your body can afford to use its nutrients to...

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