Yes. When, when the friendly Europeans came over here, and took the land away from the Indians, they were killing them with bullets and whatever they had. 




They found that they killed more Indians with the white man's diseases', and today the Europeans all get chickenpox when they're in kindergarten. Was there some relationship? 


No, that was a myth that was propagated. 

Just like in Brazil, the British government, and this was documented. 

I forgot the fellow's name. He wrote a play called savages, and this was in Brazil.  

They would pay these men to go out, and slaughter, and poison the natives, and say it was smallpox because anytime you put formaldehyde or some kind of poison that's non-detectable in their water system, they'll get either a chicken pox or a smallpox type symptom. 

And then they just say, "Oh these people died of smallpox", but it was poisoning. They've been doing that ever since Caesar was around. Poisoning their enemies.  


How did they catch chickenpox kindergarten? Everybody seems to catch it in the classroom. 


Well, everybody all over the world gets chicken pox, that's a detoxification is nervous system at a young age. 


But it's really not contagious thing? 


Everybody detoxes at a certain time. It's like when the bears come out of hibernation, do you say they're contagious? Because they come out of hibernation in the United States, and then a few degrees north in Canada, then they start waking up and then up higher in Canada, and Alaska, they all wake up. So, is that contagious? 


Sounded like it. 


Sounds like it, but that's the same thing with the Smallpox, and all that. 

The body, during a certain climate temperature change, and humidity will detox certain tissue, and it's common among a lot of people at the same time.  

Just like teenagers with acne. You don't call that contagious, but boy, let me tell you, they'll probably call it contagious. 

Some scientists that have been paid by the pharmaceutical industry. I'll bet you in the next five years comes up with a virus that he says is contagious among teenagers with acne, and we've got a medication for it. 

That should happen. 

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