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I see in your book you talked about slowing down a detoxification and you talked about a bath.

Do you recommend me doing the baths?


Well, the baths, you have to understand that we eaten vegetable oils. Most of what we eat is the vegetable oils because of the propaganda, margarine, and all that garbage.

Propaganda was that hardening of the arteries and the heart hardening of tissue came from cooked animal fats from animal fats, get off of animal fats, have margarine and vegetable oils.

Well, your vegetable oils, especially your hydrogenated oils, crystallize. Hydrogenated vegetable oils are the same molecular structure as plastic. That's how plastic is made. So, it's absolute bullshit what they've been telling us. Vegetable oils cause hardening of the arteries. Humans body temperature is about 98.6° or lower.

Herbivores who eat vegetables with vegetable oils have body temperature about 101°. We will not stay that warm. So, vegetable oils in the human body have a tendency to dry out at lower temperatures and crystallize, and that's what causes hardening of the arteries and hearts and multiple sclerosis a, along with iodine and a lot of other problems.

But it's vegetable oils that's the culprit.

To get that to melt in the body to be, dissolve it from the lymphatic system and discharge it from the body, it takes heat. So, you have to get in the bath, stay a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour and a half, take a walk afterwards, about a 45 minute walk.

Before you get in the bath, like I say in the book, you have pineapple, coconut cream, and, and drink that mixture with a little bit of butter and cream too, dairy cream. You drink that before you get in it, right as you get in.

Then you take the 45 minute walk and you're going to feel as limp as a noodle and not feel like taking any walk when you get out of that bath.

So, you move very, very slowly because the blood sugar will be very low cuz you melted that stuff and started perspiring out of the body. So, the blood sugar's gonna be very low, so you have to move in slow motion out of that bathtub onto the toilet seat, or a chair. It shouldn't be far from the bath. You dry yourself, slowly bundle up in very warm clotheslike you're going out to the snow to stay very warm for your walk, and you take a very mild 45 minute walk.

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