Skinny People and Vitamin C



vitamin c

fat deficiency





He used citric acid. But you saw [unclear]? Skinny as a rail, hyperactive and not a pleasant man to be around. And that's why I put in there in my book, I says it causes all kinds of psychological side effects. It rips the fat out of your system.

So, where does your body go to get the fat? And it goes into the myelin sheath of your nerves. Put your nerves on end, you're at edge all the time and who are the most difficult people to get along with, skinny people. Hyperactive, and they go off the wall all the time and it's difficult. So, it's very difficult.

So, vitamin C is not a good thing, and vitamin C poisoned people. That's how it got them to stop having their symptoms. It wasn't a beneficial way. I can get a child to behave by beating the shit out of him. But that doesn't mean the child grows up to be a good individual. He'll solve his problems with violence, just like I taught him violence.

And when you take vitamin C, that's what happens.

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