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Tell us a bit about it because detoxing through the skin. Can it cause symptoms like dry skin, itchy skin, chapped lips and warts?


Absolutely. That's why I like the primal facial body care cream. If you're going through any kind of a skin detox, any kind of a rash, dry skin period. Poisons are leaving through your skin.

In an intense amount it's drying out the surrounding cells. There's not enough fat in those cells, so when the toxin moves past it, it draws the fat outt of that cell and that cell will crack and damage and scar.

So, with the primal facial body care cream on. It will be able to be absorbed into the surrounding cells. So, you don't have as much damage. I mean, if I hadn't put that on these areas, I would have huge sores and huge scars.


You make it up?


Yeah, you make it up, it's on page 145 of the recipe book.

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How long is it good for?


I've had it up to six months in the refrigerator.

I've had it up to two months out of the refrigerator in a climate like Thailand at the

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Throw it away after?


No, I've always used it within six months.

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