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Well, you have to understand that most of the toxins leave through the skin, so the skin's gonna take the brunt for a long time, so it'll probably be the last thing to repair and heal. However, there's some people whose skin is very important to their body and they look like miracles, within months of starting the diet.

I mean, especially the Polynesian and the asian men and women, they start eating this diet and my God, their skin is just phenomenal.


Well, a lot of them have it genetically.


Yeah, but you see them in their 40s and 50s and they're all just shriveled up badly. They age faster than any other culture, when they're in their youth before they hit 40, no lines anywhere but boy, you know when they hit their mid late 40s, they just shrivel up like a raisin, but they go on this diet that pops right back out pretty quickly.


Can your skin get better as we get older?


Yeah, definitely. It is already. I don't have all that breakout anymore and the lines here are getting lighter.

Four years ago, I had about 12 layers of skin here. Now I only have about six, so it's half of what it was.

When I lived outdoors as a vegetarian, traveling on a bicycle, I looked like those Indians. I was dark skinned and had this thick skin. It was wrinkled all over, and eventually it dissolved and went away.


Are wrinkles toxins?


Well, it's toxins that are buried in the skin, and the skin has killed the cells and mummified the cells, so it's like leather. A lot of the cells aren't alive. You get layers of them.

You're supposed to have only three layers of skin. The older you get, the thicker your skin gets often, unless you're doing laser surgery or peels and acid burns, keep taking the layers off.


I thought old people get that little transparent, that their skin gets thinner and that wrinkles are the skin being thin.


That's when you get up into your sixties. Then it goes the other way. Your body starts eating its own protein because people of that age stop digesting proteins and assimilating cooked proteins. So, then they start eating their own bodies. So, then the skin gets thinner and thinner and thinner. The body starts eating the bones, so they get osteoporosis.


And why is that again?


Because they stopped digesting food, so the body eats itself.


You mean cooked foods?


Yeah. The intestine stopped digesting cooked food. Eat raw food, and it changes

Mine was down to here after the poison mushroom, mine went like this. I have been experimenting with some people now with that they're putting saliva and honey on their necks and it's working very well.

I tried mixing the honey with water, it denatures it, but the saliva doesn't, and you have ptyalin enzyme in the saliva, which helps break down sugars, so for proper absorption.

So, that's probably another reason it facilitates honey and that way you can put it on so thinly your face isn't sticky all day, just for maybe an hour.


Fall asleep and the ants will get you.


It's funny, with the saliva in the honey, the ants don't bother it.


No, but I tried some of that. The problem was the ants got around the honey, you know? Next to the bed.


Yeah. I'm talking about over your body, not the honey next to the bed.


So what percentage saliva?


50 50, maybe a little bit more saliva than honey, and it also keeps the lips from dry. Very wonderful. Better than butter, any of it.





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