Skin Issues From Sleeping Outside








This happened periodically, right? So, it's just something that I'm just gonna have to ride with or is there something?


You have to ride. You see these white scars that I have and all these bumps? A year and a half ago, I went through a major one and I have all this little white scarring.

I mean, they were coming out and huge and some of them even came out with large insects. Morgellons disease. A lot of people were getting nuts from a lot of the chemtrails and I used to sleep outdoors. I stopped sleeping outdoors because I noticed that when I stopped sleeping outdoors at night, I stopped having that much skin detox and stopped having that kind of bacterial detoxification.

Cuz I was sleeping under it at night, now I sleep inside because our government is insane.


Yes, I am sleeping outside.


Then you're going to continue collecting it as I did. You're gonna detox indefinitely since your skin. As long as they're dropping the chemtrails.


So, you had insects coming out your skin?


Yes, with fibers.

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