Skin Indigestible, Eating Bones, Kosher Bad, Pre-Prepared Meats Are Cooked

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It's not going to lodged in your throat. When the animals get bones and people get bones lodged in their throat, it's always cooked bones. It's like the difference between unfired clay and fired clay.

You can chew bones, the Eskimos do it every day. They chew bones.

My teeth aren't good enough, after the chemo and radiation, all my teeth dangled and rotted all the bone around. I mean, I can rip meat up and I can eat hard stuff, but when it comes to the bone, I'm not gonna chance on breaking my bone and teeth.


If you had something to pulverize it?


Yeah, that's what I mean. Pulverize is good.


Grate it?


Yeah, you can grate it. I do that sometimes. It's a lot of work.


Well, I was kind rolling into everything you were talking about traveling. What you consume while travelling and how to shop. I didn't know about the fats, but it can't be cured fat?


If it's cured, like kosher. There's salt in it. Heavily salted. So nothing kosher.


When you're travelling, how do you know what they do?


All you do is ask.


Corned beef?


Corned beef is always cooked and processed.

Any pre-prepared meats are always cooked, they're blanched they call it.

Half cooked, it's like half baked *laughs*.





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