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Is there anything else you can recommend to treat skin cancer?


Well, what I've been experimenting with over the last two years is using bone marrow, which has a lot of stem cells that helps regrow healthy tissue, but it won't grow cancer cells to allow dead cells to collect.

And remember, I said in my book, cancer's nothing other than the body's inability to dissolve dead cells and collects them in little stations, whether it's a wart, which is a benign tumor or a cancerous carcinoma of the skin where you've got cancer cells on there drawing more and more dead cells to the area.

Now a cancer cell is not a bad guy. It's a very beneficial cell that draws lots of dead cells around it. The cancer cell, when it dies, it sets out a serum. It's like a virus, it's a solvent that dissolves all the dead cells that it's called out into that station. So, that's why malignant tumors can dissolve in overnight or in days.

A benign tumor, there's no circulation to it. There are no cancer cells in there that has that solvent virus type agent in it. So, a benign tumor can take forever to dissolve and get rid of.

So, cancer is what I like. So, cancer cells are good guys to get rid of it.

Also, sperm is a good way to get rid of it because it has a concentrated amount of stem cells. So, putting sperm on any kind of a cancer or any kind of a sore. I mean, I've got people using sperm to get rid of wrinkles and it gets rid of them very quickly. Because what it does is it helps the healthy cells grow and allow the dead cells, which are just bricks in the wall to fall off.

I'm not vain enough to do it all the time, but I do it once in a while.




So, bone marrow is topical?


Topical, yes. Well, you can use it internally too.

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