Skin Brushing



skin brushing





It's awful. When I've looked at skin brushings under a microscope, it just lacerates new skin. So, what you've done is created a scar or tissue of the new skin. So, it's always best to use cotton or silk wash cloth. And after you've got all that dead skin very moist, you can just rub it off and then you're taking care of that new skin.

But you put a brush on there, even the natural bristles, just cause scratching. Just like if you had a rash and you were scratching yourself and you created all this very light scab all over does.


But the old dry skin does come up with it though, don't you agree?


Yeah, but it damages the new skin. So, it's slightly hardened and scarred and that's affects the next generation that's bred. It also impedes that generation from reproducing itself.

Silk cloth.

Your raw silk. I know some people in Tibet, and they use wool wash cloth.

Little rough, but it doesn't cause scratches.

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