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So, I switch over to the eggs and I can drink milk though in between eggs? Cuz I still want a lot of milk.


You need the cheese to absorb the toxins. If you're having burning, you need something to absorb the toxins.

You need the cheese before you have the eggs.


Okay. Am I restricted on the milk cuz I drink like about a gallon of milk a day just cuz I am thirsty. In the winter, hardly any, very little, but in the summer I am just so thirsty.


Okay. Everybody's gotta be a sucker, I suck.

When you drink anything like the baby is sucking out of a nipple, the bacteria in our saliva is almost twice as much as that of a dog and cat. So, if your mate bites you, you're in trouble. Get rabies shots.

That is the initiation of your digestion is the bacteria and the saliva entering the food. So, when people just guzzle milk, any kind of fluid, what happens? It's gonna rush the fluid, the H20's gonna separate and go to the kidney. The nutrients have no H20 to carry into the body. There's nothing but water that comes outside of a fluid that is only fluid, except for milk, but you have to suck that out of a teat.

So, if you're having let's say a fruit or meat, even meat's 55% water, you're chewing it to extract the nutrients out of it, the water is carried with it in the body. So, when you're drinking juice, when you're drinking milk, suck it. What I do is run it through the top of my tongue over the roof of my mouth and in-between the front teeth. Suck it right up in there.

So, when you saw me drink this, you saw how little I drink at a time? Tablespoons, tablespoon and a half, maybe two tablespoons maximum. So, I've got it here and I suck it, put my tongue like this. You can see the sucking action there, I got saliva in that, so I got the bacteria in it. When I learned to do that, when I started experimenting with that about three years ago, my liquid intake was up to four quarts a day. Two quarts of milk and quart of sport formula or a hydration formula at that time, and whatever else I would drink, some water, and I would just guzzle everything.

When I started doing this, my liquid intake went in half. Now when I do it, because my body's getting so conditioned to it, I'm down to a quart and a half a day, that's all the fluids I take. Even if I'm in a tropical place, I don't have to have any more than about two quarts of fluid in a day.

So sip suck. So, everybody say I suck.


I suck.


So, I can sip in-between?


Yeah. Sip suck.


If you swish the milk around in your mouth, is that as good as sucking it?


It's as good as sucking it because you're gonna get the bacteria, not quite when you suck, more fluids come in a little bit faster.





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