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With sinus health. How long does it take to clear it up or does it get worse before gets better?


It depends upon the individual and whether you've had a lot of medication. People who've had inhalers and cortisone, something like that. They take them seven or eight years, if you're young enough, like you are. Otherwise, it could take 12, 20 years if you're an older person. If you're an old geyser like me.


I haven't had much medication.


You haven't had much medication, usually two years, two and a half years.

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What was the question that he asked?


He asked if you've had a history of sinus problems, how long on the diet does it take to relieve that? That doesn't mean after two and a half years you're not gonna go through occasional detoxification, because the brain dumps its major toxicity out the sinuses, the nose and the salivary glands, the gums and the tongue. So, you're constantly going to be dumped. So, you're going to have constant irritation to the sinuses, but it's not going to be necessarily from a pure mucus factor.

Most people have allergies because they don't produce the proper kind of mucus to seal off the toxins from getting in and irritating the mucus membranes. See the mucus is layers. It's like material, they'll be woven, the fibers are all woven into a mesh. The better the protein and fat level, the higher the protein concentration, the tighter the mesh gets. Layer upon layer as your mucus gets thick enough, no particles can penetrate and irritate the mucus membranes. So, there will be no allergies, as long as it's thick.

If something very toxic like mercury, aluminum or formaldehyde from vaccine is going to the brain, and you're dumping that out the sinuses, it is going to irritate the sinuses as it passes through. The more mucus you have there to absorb it and to grab it the less you will have irritation to the mucus membranes, but you are going to have some, and sometimes it's gonna be nasty, even cause nosebleeds.


Does milk cause mucus?


There's a lot of fiction about milk causing a lot of mucus. Raw milk does not cause a lot of mucus. If you want to build a lot of mucus, you have to make milkshakes, egg and milk together with some extra cream will make good mucus, a lot of mucus and having a lot of mucus is important for the whole body.

Those people who saw me drink this a minute ago. You saw I didn't hold it up and pour it, I sucked.

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