Should You Force Detox

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Let the body timing unfold, different things happen at different times, but just eating the diet consistently will be the best thing. I don't need to go something specific, have this combination?


If you have a certain ailment, I will help you to have things that I've suggested that for those-


For those things, but I'm saying in general, the diet is going to allow the body time to cleanse whatever it is needs. For example, first three days, I had major metal taste in my mouth.


It doesn't matter if your on the diet or not because people who are not doing the diet have that same experience. However, I found that people who are not on this diet detoxify anywhere from 18 to 20% of the population is in a detoxification. On this diet it's only 8-12%.

Taking all the of population out there and their detoxification 18 to 20% of the time, people on the diet are only in detoxification over the whole majority, 8 to 12% of the time.


They're detoxing less because the toxins move quicker?


Because they're not dealing with all the toxicity that they're eating constantly.


Well, we're still in a period of time where we're rebuilding their bodies.


40 years.

So, it's about half of theirs, but that's because we're not poisoning ourselves with those toxins, and there are 30 toxins that we've identified I stated in the recipe book in the back pages. Those are only the ones we've identified.

Your body has to deal with that much toxicity.


I don't want to hurt myself or do something special.


Yeah, don't do anything. That's what I'd suggest. For those people who are antsy and want to push it, I'm going to suggest how to detoxify the body and cause detoxification, but like I said to everybody here, don't push it.

Tablespoon, an ounce? Two tablespoons a day if you're going to do it. Don't do three cups a day, kick your butt. I have no ass, you know me I had a big ass all my life, all of it away in like two weeks. My whole butt was gone.

Course that's where I got a lot of injections.

So, I'm sure I had a big butt because most of it was toxic, but I still liked that butt because the girls liked it. Now I don't have it anymore





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