Should You Exercise (2)




activity rings



My question has to do with the exercise. Will exercise on your diet keep somebody in shape? Because you said that you don't exercise, so I I'm not exercising as much as I usually do.


Well. I'm not saying that you're not supposed to exercise.


Is that better for my type to exercise?


Yes. If you want to help your weight and get firmer, exercise. But I look at activity rings in the eyes, that tells me how much hormones you were made to produce every day for how much physical activity. For each activity ring, it's an hour. That doesn't mean hour of exercise means an hour of activity.

So, I don't remember what you had. What I told her-




You had 6. So, you're supposed to be busy six hours a day. So, you could be exercising two hours a day if you want plus your regular activity.


But does that mean physical exercise or you saying something?


Physical, yeah.

And singing is the most strenuous of all. 20 minutes of singing is like an hour on a treadmill. If you're really anxious and in anxiety because you haven't burned your activity hormones for the day. You're going to be in anxiety and you will have to burn 'em up in anxiety.

So, just start singing or start exercising, do something to burn them. That's a misnomer burning to utilize the energy, to utilize those hormones.

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