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Since I saw you last time, I've been eating three pounds of butter a week and a pound of meat a day. When I wake up and I look at my cell phone, it's dark. It looks like I have a magnifying glass.  


Your eyesight's getting better. Your skin is looking a lot better. 


Also, I've been getting photographic memory.  



[Attendee #2] 

So, is weight lifting recommended if you just prefer to be more muscular? Because I used to like to lift weight.  


It's all individual. If you create a lot of hormones for physical activity, you need to exercise, you need to be active. 

Doesn't mean you have to go out and pump weights, just means you need to be active. Now me, I don't create any hormones for physical activity, unless it's sex. Those are the only ones that I ever have enacted to spend and burn, and when the right girl comes along, a lot produces just automatically. 

Otherwise, this is my exercise on my computer keyboard, and that's it. That's all the exercise I do. Once every two months, or once a month, I stand up in front of people and do this. Or, you know, if I'm doing a lecture, I will stand one day, every week or two, and this is my exercise.  

That's literally my exercise, but other people produce a lot of hormones for physical activity and if they don't utilize that those hormones in physical activity, they're going to go into anxiety and utilize it in anxiety. 

So, you've got your choice. Here's two doors, anxiety or activity, which do you choose? 




The anxiety makes hell with relationships. Everybody hates you and you hate everybody, but the body's got to utilize them. It's got to spend those hormones. So, if you have an anxious body, you better be active and exercise. 

Now I can tell activity circles in the eye. I call them worry circles. Other neurologists call them stress rings. What they do is they tell me is how much hormones you produce for physical activity. So, when I do someone's health with them, I look at the iris and say, you need to do so much activity a day, and you need to be that active.  

If you aren't, you're going to be in anxiety, and that's your sole reason for being in anxiety. If you like anxiety, knock yourself out. If you don't exercise, be active, you'll be okay. 

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