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I dislocated my third toe, like all the way down, it's not all the way off the bone, but it's like partially off. And they were saying that I had to get x-rays done cause they didn't know if they needed to do surgery or not. And they were saying, if I didn't get it set properly or whatever, I could develop arthritis or something.


Well, your cartilage is gonna grind itself. Well, I broke six toes one time on a bicycle accident. I was riding in the desert and I was going pretty fast and somebody had left their sprinkler system on all night. So, it created an algae in the gutter, and it was just like ice. My bike flipped out, my foot caught on the curb and ripped the toes apart. So, they were ripped to here, broken here, here, here, and two of them here. So, of course, I don't like to go to doctors.

So, I knew a 14 year old girl that loved to crack people's knuckles. So, I went to visit her and she cracked my knuckles in place. So, she just pulled, and then it's set right back where it's supposed to go. All you need is somebody, chiropractor or somebody like that.

Your tendons will realign it, it just needs to snap out first. I couldn't it. I tense up when I'm going to do it, so I couldn't do it myself. So, I had that little girl do it and she loved doing it.





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