Scoliosis - Hot Baths, Hardened Arteries


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I was a researcher on scoliosis, and how do we handle that? 


Scoliosis is an unnatural curvature, natural in a disease state curvature of the spine.  

That can happen from toxicity lodging in the muscles around on one side of the spine or in the front or back causing the spine to move in a unnatural way or an uneven an unbalanced way, or it can be toxin stored in the vertebrates that cause things like arthritis in the joints that can eat away the cartilage.  

So, then you have an imbalance. Any of those will create different curvatures on the spine, too many minerals. Let's say somebody eats a lot of pasteurized dairy products and they may get excess mineral deposits stored in the joints and they create little spurs and they can cut the spinal cord and they can cause the body to tense up in a certain way and cause curvature of the spine. 

So, there are many reasons it can happen. So, it depends upon what is the particular problem to how to reverse it, and that's a whole science in itself, but the curvature of the spine is always a lack of nutrients, or an excess toxicity stored in the spinal cord.  

You want to relax it and get that spine to straighten as much as possible, hot baths are very important and you need to stay in a hot bath for many hours. Most people of this generation, my generation up grew up on margarine, vegetables oils. That's what causes hardening of the arteries and heart conditions. The natives, all of the tribes that eat ugly meats and animal products, even though they cook them, they have no heart disease and no hardening of any arteries. 

They have no varicose veins, no thrombosis, none. So, it's all propagated, it's absolute bull malarkey. There's propaganda out there about meat products, that animal fats cause heart conditions. It's absolute nonsense. If you take vegetable fats and you let them sit, guess what they turn into, crystals. 

And then they turn into rock. Vegetable fat are your problem. That's what causes hardening of the arteries. Hardening of the heart, MS. 

Do you know what an Amber Stone is? Does anybody have any jewelry with Amber orange stone? Guess what that was, that was out of the tree. Most of your crystals and stones are from vegetable fat. If you take vegetable oils and you put with dirt, and let it sit for a year, you will have rock. You turn that soil into rock, and you have to pound the hell out of, and you have to mix all kinds of molds in it to break it down, does not break down easily.  

If you take animal fats and put it with dirt, it'll just keep molding until it becomes earth. A lot of back problems start in young age, scoliosis because of all these toxic vegetable oils that are in everything. 

The chips, the French fries, the Kentucky fried chicken, donuts fried in vegetable oils. That is causing hardening of the arteries, and the phenomenally advanced increase in heart disease.

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