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In the late 70s, I was working with a lot of Scientologists and they had a detox program for radiation. They take a lot of niacin and B vitamins and a lot of other supplements and they get them to sweat. Well, back in those days, they weren't using any fat, and I would see all these Scientologists and these are great people.

I loved every one of 'em that I ever met. The most rational group of people that I've ever. I mean more rational than anybody I've ever met as a group and it's something about their clearing and how they adjust their psychology to narrow behavior. It'd be nice if we just do it physiologically with diet and we could do that, and that does help, but they've got trainings to help do that.

But when they would get off of these detox programs, they'd be all flushed for a few weeks. Within three to six months, they were going into chronic fatigue, and I watched this year after year. So, I got together with a lot of scientologists and talked them into putting the fat., and now they're using olive oil. That wasn't my choice.

My choice was to use raw butter and raw dairy cream, but we were having a lot of trouble with the milk commissioners at that time, so they settled for the olive oil. It works, but they're not using the kind of chemistry that they're using for chelation therapy, but I still see detriment physiologically from doing it.

It helps, but like I say, anytime you're using vitamin, niacin, it is a chemical, you're going to have imbalances and you're going to have damage.

Who's the most famous scientist and teacher of life of life extension. Isn't it [unclear], and what's the other fellow. You look at them, they're all dried up and skinny. They're not happy people and they're hyperactive and they can't sit still. Terrible, terrible system.

They think that they can live on chemicals instead of food, and it's not healthy. Pardon? Jerry Nolan. There's another one. He's wife couple. Yeah. And

They look like dried up leather and Zuni dolls.

Worst looking people I've ever seen. Oh, in person, those pictures are touched up. If you see them in person, they look like Zuni dolls that have been dried up in the desert for 40 years.

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