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People say, well, I can do that in a sauna or steam bath when you're doing a sauna or steam bath, those toxic substances stay in the tissue a lot of times. So, a third of them may penetrate your skin and maybe be reabsorbed or damage your skin. So, if you're doing a sauna, you have to get out of every three minutes to rinse off.

Can't stay in there long time cause they're going to cause some damage. Sure, you're going to secrete a lot of stuff, but one third of that may cause more damage as well.

That's why I like baths, it's discharged into the water, right into the water. It doesn't stay on your skin and those ingredients are in the water. It just draws it out.


What happens if you went in the water without waiting 7 to 10 minutes?


Then you're going to have some of that garbage in the water absorbed into your body, into your skin. It's going to get into your nervous system and into your blood


Would you recommend that kind of tub you talked about with the metal?


Yes. Well, it's good in that. It's still, you know, it's more electrical, so it'll stay hot longer, and for me that was necessary. Plastic, it may gas a little bit, uh, but it doesn't have the electrical field turns on. Depends on what you handle better. Can you handle the radio waves that metal draws to it, or do you handle the gases from the phthalates from the bath.

The ingredients in the bath is going to handle the phthalates better than your body's going to handle the electromagnetic energy that's absorbed. Then the water may absorb that too. So either.

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