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I like the idea of heat, but saunas I do not like, they're too hot. By the time they get through the third layer of skin, they damage the enzyme content in the skin and the vitamin content, and then start affecting the connective tissue. They also burn the mucous membrane.  

Steam is the same thing; it can even be worse because that gets into the lungs. Because in the sauna you can clear the air by the time it gets past the bronchial, but with steam it will actually get into the lungs and damage the lung walls. So, hot baths, hot water bottles. That is what you should use to help yourself perspire to get rid of the poisons. 


What about setting the sauna at low temperatures? 


Well, it depends how long you stay in there. Again, it's dry. You're going to create cracking on your skin. When you get into a bath where you have moisture in there and you have milk in the water, you have some vinegar and you have some sea salt, it's going to help you attract with a magnetic force of all those substances to help pull those toxins out of your skin.  

So, your skin isn't going to have to work as hard. If you're in a sauna or a steam room, your skin gets damaged. 

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