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It's a dry heat. It's gonna dry out your sinuses, the heat needs to be directly in contact with the skin. You've got an air pocket, your body is an air conditioner. You would have to constantly move in either a steam or a sauna to keep your heat contacting directly with the skin cuz your body creates an air pocket to cool itself.

It does that in water too, but it's doesn't work as well. You'll notice that you can be there and the water feels comfortable and you start moving and all of a sudden it gets hot hot when the water hits the skin again.

Well, when you've got an air pocket, it's very easy to do that and the air will flow with the body, but when you're moving in water, it's too heavy. It breaks up the cooling system, the buffering water between you and the heat.


When I get outta a bath, sometimes I get under the covers and I sweat.


Yeah. Keep doing it.

Well, I would say you still need some fat in there. So coconut cream, there's gotta be something leftover you can put in there. If I were going to, I would use a half a cup if I didn't have the milk instead of 2, 3 tablespoons, I'd be using a half a cup.

Let me tell you, you or your hair will be such a mess when you get out, but yeah, you can use that.

Just remember that coconut cream is 92% - 93% of the coconut cream, which are oils are water soluble fats, so it disperses in the water. You put oil, olive oil, any kinda oil, it's gonna float on the top and it's not going to get in there and arrest the toxin.

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I couldn't find anything else.

And you do not want to rinse this off your body? What you put into the water that you soak in, you want to leave and just dry yourself off.

You don't wanna shower it off afterwards?


No. What I do is I take a washcloth, either silk or cotton, soft and I rub it off cuz I want all the dead skin off as well, so that I can make sure I perspire properly.

So, while I'm in there, after 20 minutes, I'll be cleaning all the dead cells off cuz they will have softened in that time.

And before I get out, anything that's come out of the skin, which may be mercury that's locked onto the skin with some coconut cream or some milk or some clay, I will rinse that, wipe it off, and then get out of the tub.

Sometimes the coconut cream will make a line, but I just rub it with my hand in warm water and it comes right off. You can use a wash clothe, it would probably be a little quicker, easier, but then you've got the coconut cream in the cloth. You can, yes. Now that the radiation is here. Absolutely.

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