Sauerkraut, Salt







Sometimes I make sauerkraut.  


You like to be sour?  


No. I was gonna ask that. 


Fine, but no salt.  


Use what? Whey?  


Whey or lemon juice or vinegar. Okay. And if you're gonna use vinegar, just use a small amount cuz it will just melt it, unless you're gonna eat it right away. It'll make it faster. You can do sauerkraut in like 24 hours if you use vinegar, but if you use whey, it's gonna take 3, 4 days, 5 days.  

If you use lemon juice, it's not gonna taste as good, but it will break it down not quite as fast as vinegar does but close. 

The reason you want do salt, because salt is an explosive, it's the most volatile, explosive on the planet. If you isolate pure sodium, a block of sodium this big will take out New York City, 

General Electric was paid by the military over $2 trillion over the last 60 years to make a sodium an explosive that you could use as a war toy. It is so volatile; they can't control it. It's more volatile than nitroglycerin, 1.5° change can cause it to ignite. So, it's been impossible to do so they've given up for now. $2 trillion enough for you? 

So, what happens is when that goes in the body and your body isolates the sodium molecule from either the iodine or chloride, depending upon what kind of salt you're using, even if it's a natural salt, it breaks those clusters up, those clusters of minerals because it has to be in colonial form. 

Colonial means absorbable into a cell as a nutrient, so it has to be like a uni-molecule of a mineral to be utilized properly. So, when the cell eats, there's a whole network, a whole smorgasborg of nutrients, anywhere from 97 - 117 nutrients: all your vitamins, all your minerals, your fats, all the 60 varieties of cholesterol that can be formed, all the different proteins, pyruvate, all the 22 amino acids. Everything is in the smorgasboard. When a cell eats, it gets the whole dose and it's completely neutrafied.  

When salt is eaten, it causes these explosions of the nutrients, so you may only get 27, 57 nutrients into a cell at once, so every cell becomes deficient anytime you use salt with a meal. 

Not only that, it dehydrates cells, sometimes the sodium molecules isolated will attach to each other, even though sodium molecules is the smallest of all the elements. When they clump together, they create a very strong magnetism. So, when the cell opens and there is one or two ions inside, it traps the ions that are in that smorgasboard in there, if a cluster of sodium is passing, it can't go inside and the mechanism is so great, it rips the ions out of the cell and the cell will never eat again. 

So, the cell shrivels like a grape to a raisin, and that's it. So, 1 million blood cells are destroyed from one little bitty grain of salt.  


So, the animals, they put the salt blocks up for them? 


They don't really lick it that much. 

One little bitty grain of salt. Normal table, not your big rock salt will kill 1 million red blood cells. Of course, that can fit on the head of a pin, but still, that's a lot of red blood cells.  


You don't just eat one grain, you eat more.  


Yeah. You sprinkle it on. 


Or you eat it and it comes in your food.  


Now, there was a group of guys that said I was full of shit, didn't know what I was talking about. I said, "Okay, take a freshly killed animal skin them, salt 'em and see what happened. So, they did it. You go online and look up frogs salt video.  

You see these guys, they think they're just playing around, they have no idea what's gonna happen. They're just following my instructions, so they put out these three frog legs that are cut from the waist down on the frogs and they turn 'em over. They sprinkle it all one side and then the other side.  

Now it isn't like they poured a whole bucket of salt on 'em. They're sprinkling each one as somebody would sprinkle their dinner. All of a sudden you see these frog legs, now these are dead frogs. They've been dead for hours. These frog legs are going into spasms. They only let it on for two minutes, but it happened for 27 minutes. Those legs spasm from 27 minutes. 

So, they did it with pepper so you can go on there's also one on pepper, but they only use one frog legs cuz they only have 4 frogs. So, they sprinkle this pepper and they're laying the pepper on this poor frog leg and they're laying this pepper on a pepper and pepper. One spasm, and that's it. Pepper is a highly caustic substance that burns, burns tissue. 

This is a dead organism, it doesn't feel that, but salt is an explosive, dead or not. It starts mixing with certain bodily and it's going to start exploding, and that's what causes this to to work. So, you can go online and check it out. So salt is bad, bad, bad, bad. Just like I said in my book, salt is the next worst thing to cooking. 

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