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Never had any problems, but I have had migraines my whole life and recently they've gotten better. The only time I haven't had 'em is when I was pregnant and nursing. But I was reading about what you said about hepatitis and pineapple and what you said about the migraines and not having to eat the dairy, and having honey every five minutes. I'm wondering if the migraines, if you think the hepatitis is connected to migraines.


Not unless you're eating a lot of fats that can't be digested. That can cause high blood pressure from blood toxicity, which causes a headache.

That's a toxic headache, but it's mostly salt. Some people are very allergic to salt. They have a one grain of salt in a meal, that's enough to set off a migraine. I'm trying to tell my father that for years, and then when he went to the doctor and the doctor, he started having a heart arrhythmia, doctor said, "Well, stop counting and stop eating salt"/

Stopped eating salt and his migraines went away, waited until he was 67.


Even with Celtic salt?


Even Celtic salt, any kind of salt. A salt is a sodium concentration and the sodium is not bioactive.


What about in swimming?


Sodium doesn't absorb through the skin easily. Not unless bioactive with enzymes. There's not a lot of enzymes in sulfur.

Well, it destroys bacteria and you need lots of bacteria when you have cancer. It isn't that you absorb the salt, but the salt will destroy the bacteria all the way to the connective tissue.

Now, it won't get to the lymph system. The people who have skin cancer, melanoma, lymphatic cancer, they need that bacteria.

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