Salt 2nd Worst Than Cooking

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So, I've never had anybody that has not been satisfied unless they eat salt. Salt demineralizes, destroys intestinal bacteria, cause all kinds of problems. Sure. It'll get rid of symptoms galore, but it does it just like an antibiotic. It is ruthless. The second worst thing to cooking is salt.


Not even sugar?


No, sugar's not as bad as salt. In the intestinal tract, the sugar doesn't necessarily break down, destroy bacteria as is easily as salt does. Because the salt dehydrates the bacteria, completely dries it up, sugar doesn't. The bacteria can avoid contact and absorption of the sugars.

But the villi in the intestines, when the sugar hits it, it eats away at them. So, of course, you've got 20 years of eating sugar, your villi are going to be reduced in size, dissolved. Acidly dissolved from sugar products by a quarter every 20 years. So, by the time you're 60 years old, you have very short Villa.

And what is the Villa for? As the food passes through it registers what kind of food it is and what bacteria, and what digestive enzymes are necessary. So, as the Villa are moved, they send serum out through the, through their pores, and that's your digestive juices. In the stomach it's almost all hydrochloric acid, in the intestinal tract it's hydrochloric acid, it's numerous different types of even bile, but the most concentration of bile is in the duodenum.

However, bile is secreted throughout the small intestine. in the bowel there's nothing secreted, except for E coli. It's an E coli environment.

But E. coli, isn't that the dangerous shit? *gasp*





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