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One lump of salt this big, pure sodium, sodium salt. There's no chloride, there's no potassium, there's no iodine connected with it is more powerful than an atomic bomb. When your body takes in sodium chloride, potassium, sodium, or any of those table salts, it fractionate, it separates that, and the sodium becomes an isolated substance and it'll start causing tiny explosions in your blood.

So, when your cells go to eat, there's a smorgasborg of nutrients anywhere from 93 to 117 nutrients all coupled together. So, when a cell eats, the ions opens up, takes it in, it gets a whole smorgasborg, a complete balanced diet. When you eat salt, it causes these little explosions and all these things will fractionate into as small as 7 - 23, even 30 molecules is about the most. The cell is never getting a balanced diet again, that's what salt does.


So, that would even the case with like sea salta?


Doesn't matter what salt. It's concentrated sodium and it's not sodium in a plant where your ions are properly bound with other nutrients, there's no regulation on it.

You can even kill a plant if you put salt in the ground and you'll kill a plant quickly, unless that plant is built to handle sodium, concentrated sodium.


So, why is it there are so many animals that go into salt licks?


But they only do it on a rare occasion. They also have problems for a few days and that way they won't touch it again for another year, two years.


They must need it?


No, they like that salty, sweet. They have a mineral need and maybe they're not eating enough dirt because they're in desert, because mainly all animals eat dirt with their food. All animals eat dirt with their food, every one. So, they're getting lots of minerals, but in a desert it isn't like that.

There's not a lot, there's sand that doesn't break down as easily as the minerals in dirt. Plus they've got a long digestive tract to take 'em through, to hold up and utilize the minerals. But when you have salt blocks, then you're dealing with all these side effects and dehydrating the body.

Well you have to eat salt hydrate the body. Well if that's true, you could fricking drink the sea water. But what happens if you drink sea water? You will die. You will dehydrate. You got that, you will dehydrate and die from salt water and they say that the salt water in the ocean is the same concentration of salt in the blood, doesn't make any difference. In the blood it has many nutrients utilizing it in precise ways. In in sea water, you don't have that. If we were fish, be a different situation, but we're not fish.


Can you tell me what I would do when I have that reaction? Milk or?


Well, I would put a hot water bottle there very quickly.


So, get out of the water.

If I even add all that stuff for water, is it probably still not enough to chelate everything?


It may not be enough. Your water belt now is so toxic with those fire contamination, I double that amount of stuff. What you might do is just double the vinegar.


So, what does the flame do? Why would a certain organ react and not another?


It probably isn't your spleen., it's probably your pancreas.


And the pancreas is here and it's probably traveling a little bit with the nerves.


So, is that like a poisons trying to get out a specific organ? Why do you get a pain in a certain area?

Is it just triggering a detox?


Certain sound vibrations can cause people to detox certain things and you happen to be sensitive to the frequency of water, that's all I can think of.


Doesn't the water also gas off the chemicals?


Oh, absolutely.


And you're breathing it in?


Yeah, unless you have the milk in there to draw it down.

You can put clay in the water too to have extra insurance.

Now that I have well water in Malibu Mountains Canyon. It's really nice water, no contamination.





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