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Okay, so let's talk about STDs. If I get them it's good, and if I give them it's good? HIV and herpes?


STD, what is an STD? Sexually transmitted disease? You tell me what's a sexually transmitted disease. Only something that can live off the outer tissue: crabs are contagious, yeast are contagious. Syphilis is not.

You've got syphilis, everybody here has syphilis, everybody here has polio, everybody here has herpes. Remember, virus are not contagious. It's bullshit. Virus are not alive, they are solvents, they are soaps. Is laundry soap contagious because it appears in everybody's home?

Cells make a solvent to dissolve toxic tissue. If you have herpes, that means that the body's dissolving some nerve tissue that has heavy metals in it. What did I say earlier? All nerves have heavy metals in them because they use metallic minerals to transport information. So, you got heavy metals, toxic, very brittle burning substances that come out the nerve endings, what is gonna happen? They're gonna blister terribly. Everybody has herpes.


But HIV you said is manufactured before?


HIV is a manufactured and the only way you can get it is transfusion or injection, has to be directly infused into you.


So, if someone's bleeding in the vagina and you know?


That's not an infusion, you don't bleed inward.

If you're gonna take their fluid and inject it into you, then there's a possibility, but it doesn't absorb into you.


Okay. So, I can just have sex with anyone and I don't have to worry, right?


Yep. I know plenty of people who have had sex with a lot of dope addicts and have herpes and aids, and none of them have gotten aids.

There's a whole group of couples. Who have been married and with an aids partner for over 27 years and out of those 232 couples, you know how many got aids? Zero zip. So all this hype is just absolute distortion of the truth and you have moralistic people that say, "See, God gave you this because you're immoral", they get on that kind of hype, and you know, they're gonna say all kinds of lying things.


Well, I'm really glad now.


Well, you have to watch for crabs and you have to watch for yeast infection.


Okay. So, the yeast is transmittable?


Yeah, because they live on the skin.

Aids? Every test that I've seen on the sperm, you only have two virus bodies, conglomerates, particles, you know how much concentration of virus it takes to even cause a dissolution of a hundred cells, 2000 times that, and it would have to be concentrated in one area. Doesn't happen.

Even Dr. Stricker who did tests on thousands of them found only two HIV structures per sperm for ejaculation. It's not enough to do anything. Not enough to cause a problem.

If you read the book that I gave reference to in my bibliography, "Bio-Attack Alert", it was injected into the homosexual populations through the HIV virus. It was done by the military. They were testing bio warfare and the aids virus was made at UCLA in between 1959 and 1962.

It was given to the military and that book tracks it all the way to the military and out to the hepatitis B vaccine. And they were administering it in Houston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York city. They gave it there because 90% of the people in those days were homosexuals were getting hepatitis was a tremendous amount of drug use.

They were having liver damage. Liver damage creates hepatitis, because like I said earlier, if you have toxicity, metal and toxic substances with heavy metals in them and damage a cell, you can't use bacteria or a parasite to eat that and remove it. You have to use a virus. So, hepatitis is a last ditch effort to get rid of some very toxic liver tissue.

So, hepatitis you want, you just need to feed yourself properly during that cleansing process.





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