Rubber Water Bottles (2)


hot water bottles




You said about the hot water bottle, can I put it right in this area?


Because Basal Cell cancer is very acidic, if you put it here, it might start burning because it'll perspire with it. So, it's better to have it over here.


Okay, that's where it actually feels better. I put it on my ear, it feels so good. I put it here and I'm uncomfortable.


I had the same problem when I had cancer on my face.

Well, I don't like these because it's a synthetic material. I just found a company that actually makes rubber water bottles. So, it takes a lot more heat without falling apart.

Especially Laurie, Laurie likes to have those things cooking, and it says 140 degrees max, she put 160 degrees in there. Burn her self

They're all rubber, smell like rubber, of course, and they smell like burned rubber when you first put hot water in them. So, what I do is I'll fill them up a couple times and leave them outside for about three weeks before I use them to cut down on the rubber, but it just smells like a rubber tire at first.

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