Root Herb Juice - Stopping Detox

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That particular root herb? 

It's high in carbs, the problem with those juices is if you don't get them raw is any herb that you get any root that you get that's dried. 


It's not dried, this is fresh.  


Fresh, then it would probably be okay in very small amounts medicinally. 


How would I take it? 


Well, they say that it increases brain activity and balance and nervous system. 

Well, you don't want much, any root is very, very concentrated, like ginseng. You know, maybe about 10 drops. There are 30 drops to a teaspoon. So, you're looking at a third of a teaspoon if you're going to have something like that. 

I find it's easier to grate a root like ginger, if you just want ginger and you want, let's say a teaspoon because it's very concentrated, it can burn you. So, let's say I'm making a throat lozenge. I'll take a raw butter and honey, about two thirds butter, one-third honey and I like ginger in it if I have a sore throat. I'll take the ginger and grate it and squeeze it in my finger and get the drops out or take it between two pieces of marble or glass and press it either way and get more out of them. 

Of course, you've got to press it between glass and marble, then you will squeeze it with your fingers. Yeah, grate it. 

Then you don't have to pull your juicer out just to juice a little bit. 

Yes, squeeze some juice out of it and put it with another juice. 


Put it with your green juice? 


Yeah, put it in your green juice. 

Yeah, just one before you're ready to drink it. One, serving, one 10 drop portion.  

I found that if you're playing with very potent herbs that people who overdo it really have some side effects and it usually creeps up and gets them all at one time and it's, it's quite a chore to bring them out of it because it's more psychological, it affects the nervous system. Causes people to get very anxiety stricken or panicked.  

Probably one part of that is that all herbs, roots, bark, all of that contains high levels of heavy metals. It's a natural part of the earth. Water comes down, dissolves, rock, other creatures eat it. Dissolution, worms, the plants that eat that the bacteria can dissolve the rock and absorb it into its tissue. And then if we take it and juice it, we get those heavy metals too, as long as they're fresh and organic and not dried or heated in any way or steeped or even sun steeped, we won't have an ill reaction from those heavy metals. They will not become free radicals in the body. Once you dehydrate that substance, and you try to reconstitute it the enzymatic ionic electrolyte action coupled with those metals are gone. They are not connected anymore. It's like taking our sun and getting rid of the planets. There's nothing to hold it in place, it'll just shoot around like a proton. Our planets hold the sun in place. That's the proton, the planets are the neurons. 

You eliminate those and that proton goes shooting around and just like an atomic bomb that will split other solar systems, just like we'll do to cells in the body. Free radicals are not a good thing. There's mercury, there's strychnine. There's all kinds of trace toxic metals if they're not ionic and electrolyte bound enzymatically utilized in food. 

Anybody who takes a mineral supplement you're poisoning your body. A lot of people feel good from it and from herbs, because what it does is, just like they used to use an formaldehyde and strychnine in the past as remedies. You went to a doctor, and they poisoned you purposely just like they do with cancer nowadays, what that does is it poisons in the blood, the body has to deal with just taking care of those blood poisons and all detoxification stops. That means if you have swelling somewhere that was causing pain, that swelling would reduce and stop, and that pain would usually go away because the body cannot tend to that damaged area anymore. So, you had caused yourself more toxicity that will usually end up in that area while it shuts down the cleansing process. Plus, your whole body is a little bit sicker, so you're not improving your health, you're just stopping the symptoms. I would say a less harmful way of stopping the toxicity. slowing it down is eating two, three ounces of cooked chicken. That would be a favorable way because there's less toxicity that way than steeping and boiling herbs. 

Yeah, but also there's a lot of people that believe in herbs still, even if they're on a raw diet a lot of people still take herbs and take vitamin supplements, which are all very toxic. 

Well, it causes a toxicity in the blood, just like any kind of toxicity does. So, the body stops the detox, the general intense detox that's going on. I'm saying, if you can't handle the detox, if it's gone on too long and you're about to kill your girlfriend or your boyfriend or something like that. Or you're going to kill yourself, then do something about it, do something differently. I've first suggesting you use the nut formula with some meat and if that doesn't work, then kill somebody first and then eat some cooked chicken and that will help. 





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