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Yeah, I had a cavity not long ago, and a doctor wanted to do a root canal, and put a temporary in, and now it's starting to crumble, and you said, wait till it falls out and then put porcelain in.  

How did I know when it's sufficiently out to put the porcelain in? 


When it's disintegrated, and there's space behind that filling, just go ahead and have it done. 


Okay, and what if my dentist wanted to do a root canal? What if he won't just put the- 


If the nerve is dead, you do a root canal. 


You said it wasn't because there was pain.  


Right, if there's pain, and there's bleeding. I had a tooth here; this tooth was broken. My father hit me with a paint can when I was 16 years old, broke these two teeth off to the gum. And my older brother was holding me he did it. 

So, I was livid, and my blood was shooting out my head cause my father had hit me with a nine iron first, nine iron golf club and went into my skull. Blood was shooting out here. My brother's holding me back cause I had gotten my father by the throat, and I was choking him to death, and I was not really with it after that. 

The golf club hit my brain. So, I was choking him when my older brother comes in, and he had just come back from Vietnam, and he was undercover CIA type army intelligence. So, he had been trained to kill, so he had me in a lock so quickly, and my father picked up a pain can *wham*. Spray paint can hit me, knocked these teeth out. 

Well, the doctor many times wanted to root canals, and I said, if I have feeling there the roots alive, why would I want you to kill that tooth? He said, "Well, because it could get infected". I said, if a frog had weeds, he wouldn't bump his ass when he jumped. I wait until the tooth dies before I'm gonna have you destroy that tooth because you can add to it. 

So, I had a cap put on with a short post in it, cause there was no way I was gonna let him do a root canal, that is illegal to do in this country. So, I had to go to Mexico to do it, and still this tooth up until five years ago was still alive. 

The cap finally came off after 25 years and he said, I wanna do a root canal on it. 

I said, the tooth is still alive. I can feel it. So, he said, I don't think so. So he probes up in there and it bled. He said, "Yeah, it's alive". I said, "Then you're not doing a root canal". So, that was that. So, he didn't do a root canal. He was an American doctor who would do anything that I said, but he retired. So, now I have to go to Mexico to have it done. 

Anything done that I want done cause I will not cause damage to my mouth because of a fever of possibilities.  


Do you have to go very far in New Mexico?  


No, just in the Tiwan, and the dentist I use is Dr. Briton, Thomas Briton, B R I T T O N. Third generation dentist, and he's very gentle. He's a big bear of a man. Very gentle, speaks English. His father speaks perfect American, but his mother and his father, were dentists. He's a dentist. He's gentle. He'll do anything I say, I got him into the more natural dental practice, and he's a heavy researcher. 

I mean, he will just go right into it. He grew up with it. So, he's aware already of the complexity. 


Well, my dentist just like insists that the tooth is dead. So if I went and had a second opinion, would he tell me? 


Yeah, he would tell you if it's alive or not. You just say, is it bleeding? You stick it up there, and is there any pain up there? 

You'll put a prong up there and see, and if it isn't, he won't do it to you. 

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