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Have a root canal. We've already had one done. There is a space in the base of the tooth, which is very, very fine and small. Now because the nerve there is the most sensitive, they don't drill down to that little pocket and it's difficult for them to get down there and drill in anyway when you're going down into a deep tooth to do that. 

So, they'll grind out the nerve, deteriorate the nerve all the way down to that little bitty, one centimeter of tissue that's in that little pocket.  

Now, normally in a person who doesn't get fed well, what will happen is that'll abscess. And then the body will start pouring the puss out to get rid of those dead cells that are decaying there. 

On this diet, you have enough nutrients that you don't have to worry about that. What the dentist love to do is charge you about $2000, and go in there and cut the gum open, scrape that off, and then reseal it. The amount of repair that you have to do is going to far exceed the process of your body using bacteria to get rid of that little bit of decaying flesh in that little bitty pocket, or little bitty space. 

So, if you're on the diet, let's say, 85%, 95%, you don't have to worry about it. I'd say even if you're doing it less, you don't have to worry about it. You just have to deal with an abscess that's going to come out your gum and secrete and it'll stink and smell awful and be pusy, but it's much easier and a lot of less expensive and a lot of us damage to your overall constitutions than having surgery. 

The people that are very, very ill and very old, surgery can be a relief because they don't get enough nutrients to detox the area, and to keep up with that kind of infectious byproduct. Now, the infection is not a bad thing, but bacteria goes in there and eats the decaying tissue, and then it has waste products. 

But what bacteria does is when it eats this degenerative tissue, just like we'll take 7 pounds of food a day or more, and we'll reduce it into one nice elongated fecal matter, and that's what bacteria do. They reduce all this contamination into a small substance that's easier to deal with. 

That's why I encourage people to eat shit and live if they have cancer or eat high bacterial meat to get in there and eat up tumors or whatever is degenerative in your body. That's the thing to do is to infect yourself with bacteria. So, it'll go in there and do it. 

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