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Roadkill, I'm on the road a lot, and I run into deer in of various states of decomposition and then plus all kinds of different other animals.

So, I know that there's no expiration date on raw food, but just if there's any kind of pointers?


Well, it depends, if an animal's been hit and bruised, it can cause a massive amount of toxicity. So, you'd have to go for the non bruised tissue just to be safe.

Cause if it's the bruised tissue, it can create its own solvents rather than worms, and it can cause you to vomit and detox heavily. And I mean, you could be in vomiting for two days and then you'd get very skinny, like me.

So, roadkill is okay. Just to be careful about the meat, if it's very black. I mean, if it's a seal, the meat's black anyway, so you can't really tell.


It wouldn't be road kill.


Yeah. You have road kill seals. Seals get up on the roadway sometimes. I've seen it, but I've eaten them. So, I've eaten roadkill. Yeah, definitely.


I thought it was a great source for one thing, but I just seen it, like I just pulled something off of the road and just just kind of like start.


Absolutely. I went by one time a motorist hit a deer and the heart shot right out of it. I caught it, and I ate it and it was still pumping in my hand. I ate it, I definitely ate it, I ate it right there on the spot, most bizarre thing I'd ever seen. I mean, to see a heart pop right out of an animal, I'd only seen it one other time when I was at [unclear] health food store, I went out to take a break and this guy in his hot rod, hiw lowrider. There was a bunch of pigeons out there, somebody was feeding them and this guy gunned his car and ran right over that pigeon, the heart shot right out over it and pumping on the side of the parking lot.

So, that was the first time I saw a heart pop out, and that was about 1978, and then this was a few years ago, and I caught that heart. It was delicious. Oh my God, It was delicious.

Roadkill's okay, I've eaten some roadkill jackrabbit in a bruised area and I had a bit of trouble with it.

The other tissue was okay, didn't cause me any problems.


How would you tell as far as like, basically what's been hit?


You'll see the tissue very dark and bruised if it's been run over or hit. Cut those away and let somebody else eat it like the vultures and crows.

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