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Is there a difference between ripe pineapple, and green pineapple?


He asked if there's a difference between ripe pineapple, and green pineapple.


Pineapple will cause more over emotionality when it's ripe than any other fruit besides banana. Banana when it's brown ripe, and pineapple, when it's yellow ripe, almost fermented. It will cross more over emotionality than any other food.

Also fermented figs will do that, but most people don't eat fermented figs, but a lot of people eat overripe pineapple, and overripe bananas.

To give you an idea of what happens in the body, you take a look at the apes, they will only eat green bananas, and they eat the rind with it. These eat the peel, everything on it.

I can't do it. It's too astringent, and too alimony tasting. They're used to it, they have more salivary juices. The monkeys when they eat bananas, they eat them ripe, and you notice that you get a chimpanzee or any kind of a squirrel monkey. The first thing in the morning they're really calm. You give them a ripe banana and they'll just be erratic and screaming most of the day.

The killer monkeys, before they go on a kill binge, they will go on a fruit binge They eat all these overripe fermented guavas and figs, and bananas for 24 hours before they go on a killing spree and then they'll go out and kill all kinds of other monkeys and other animals.

Anything in there path, they'll slaughter them for 24 hours. As long as that sugar is eating on their brain, nervous system. Cause the sugars actually eat into the myelin to get the fats because the sugars are looking for fats to interact with. If it can't find it, it goes into the nervous system, and that's what happens.

So, the green pineapple is high in enzymes and not high in sugar.

When any fruit is ripe, you're going to have a high amount of sugar, and you're going to have irritation to the nervous system if you're not fat, and don't have a lot of fat in your blood, and you're going to have over emotionality.


Eat it green?


Eat it green. Get it as hard as you can get it, as green as you can get it, and as white inside as you can get it.

All fruit.

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