Replacing Cells and Blood

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We regenerate all these cells within so many days and we're brand new every seven years?  


It's all in his imagination. It has nothing to do with chemistry. You have to understand, he's an MD. He was only taught disease and chemicals and not healthy chemicals, drugs. He was not taught chemistry, o he knows nothing about chemistry.  

If you look at the blood, it takes 45 days to replace every cell in the blood. A lot of people think it takes 10 days. That's if your body is taking the spleen and using the blood out of the spleen, which is already built up, but if your body doesn't have the spleen, if the spleen's cut off, cut out, it takes 45 days to regenerate every cell in the blood. 

And it does it in the bone marrow, the bone marrow is a breeding ground for red and white blood cells. They divide their and become their own cells, grow up, and go into the blood.  


So, if you're 20. So, you've been 20 years of eating the American diet, so even 40 years to get it out if you're only 20? 


That's right. 

She'd be 60 years old if you do it 100%, but still, you have to look at it this way. You're getting better every day that you do it because you're not adding toxins to your system. If you're adding toxins to your system, you're going to get worse. If you're adding good nutrients to your body every day, you keep adding to your health. 

So, you have to look at it like that, you can't look at the end of the tunnel. You're not there. It's so far away. You're gonna think I'll never make it to the tunnel. You just have to be happy with your progress every day. 





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