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There mercury out? No, I say if somebody has cancer., you wait until you get through with the cancer first. Laurie had about 20 to 30 tumors in the right breast. Right breast was a third larger than the right, hard as rock. She had cancer in her right hip bone and in the right kidney attached to the adrenal gland. 

She had a mouthful of amalgams and I suggested that she wait till she stabilized, and it took her two years to get rid of the cancer in the breast. She couldn't get rid of the ones in the hip or the adrenal gland. So, I suggested after three and a half years on the diet to eat some fecal matter cause of the University of Toronto was using the Veratoxin byproduct that completely dissolved human brain tumors in 2 - 7 days, including the vessels going to it. They've been doing that for 29 years. Why isn't that available? Why isn't that information out? And now 18 universities are using it in Canada, and The United States. They're using the measle bacteria. They're using cold, flu, salmonella. They did the salmonella stuff last year. Put out a product called attenuated salmonella, it goes in and chokes off the oxygen to the tumor, it does not eat it as it naturally does. 

So, they'll charge you $8,000 for a shot of salmonella when you can just let some chicken rot or some eggs rot and eat it, and then they charge you $12,000 to inject a solvent to dissolve the tumor. So, $20,000 for one therapy, and you can just go eat shit and live. Basically, that's what it is. She said, "Well, where do I get the fecal matter"? 

I said, "Well, it has to be a good clean animal". It has to be a healthy, organic animal. And she said, "Where am I gonna get one". I said, "Well, we've got gophers all over the yard. You want me to shoot a couple"? And she said, "Yeah". So, I took my crossbow and shot a couple of gophers, and she ate the gopher guts. 

And within two and a half months, the tumors connected to the kidneys dissolved by a third and the one in the hip decreased by the third. So, she eats fecal matter on a regular basis out there in Hawaii. She'll take part of it when they slaughter a goat or sheep. She'll cut the bowel out and she has everybody eating shit. 

And all the animals eat shit, except for humans, civilized humans. There are tribes that don't get enough protein, so they'll eat the fecal matter that's already dumped in the field. They'll just sit there and eat it like it's nothing, and it tastes just like overcooked vegetables. 

Why they did it is because the cow has it pre-digested, but there's a lot of protein that we can get get from it. So, that's why all animals eat fecal matters if they can't get enough meat and the bacteria will keep them from cancer. And I've had probably 10 people do it.  

I had one girl with advanced cancer in San Francisco that I've been talking to her about eating fecal, and she wouldn't do it. When I was in Nevada city in April and we shot a wild Turkey and I put all the bowel and its content in a jar because I was going to do a seminar and workshop in San Francisco following that one, where she lived. So, her boyfriend and I sat around one evening, like two little boys, bad little boys who would get the little girl neighbor to eat shit. 

So, we finally got her eat the shit, and I got this email from her two weeks later and she said, "I cannot tell you the difference and feeling that I went from the next day, even though that I was in fear, I felt so much better, and it felt that way since". And she's getting ready for her second helping of turkey shit with the bowels, actually the bowels. Because if a person has cancer and their E coli isn't flourishing in their intestines, they're in trouble. Allows for metastasis. 

So, if you eat the bowel along with the fecal matter, it will help you restore your own environment to help your own E coli grow and produce. So, the medical profession makes a fortune on bacteria phobia and let me tell you, we've been working with bacteria for millions of years, millions of years. 

Nobody washed their hands before they wiped their buts and everything. It's so absurd to think that we're all of a sudden... 

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