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Rejuvelac. That's not a bad thing. Rejuvelac is a good detoxifier. Just remember anything that you've eaten in your life cooked. If you eat it fermented and bad with alcohol, it's going to help clean out. It's going to deliver bacteria and alcohols that are specific to breaking down the products that you've eaten and cooked.

Because when you eat something cooked, you've broken down all of the bacteria that naturally clean it out of your system when the body's finished with it. Then the waste can be removed naturally, that's what happens.

When you cook, you've destroyed all of those natural abilities to break down those substance and eliminate them. So, if you want to detoxify those substances, you ferment, you've eaten breads all of your life.

Make Rejuvelac, drink it, but it will detoxify you not heal you. There's a difference between detoxification and healing. Healing means you are regenerating cells and getting healthier. Detoxification is the elimination of toxins from the body. Rejuvelac helps detoxification, not regeneration. Not directly regeneration.

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