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I have a chance to get some raw goats milk from a nearby farmer and I can get it never refrigerated. Now, how much better is that gonna be for me than refrigerated cows milks that I have been drinking that I let sit out and how should I treat the raw goats milk?

I get a couple gallons delivered to me. I just let 'em sit out, never put 'em in the refrigerator and just drink from them. Is the meat value that never refrigerated milk has, is that just gonna be evident for the first day or so, or Is there a point where it loses that value of never being refrigerated and what is the definite defined value of never being refrigerated for milk? Are certain enzymes and bacterias killed by refrigerating or are they just dormant?

Is this gonna be a great value to me to have found a source of unrefrigerated goat milk that I can use? I imagine it will sit around for a week before I drink it.


Everybody heard everything he asked? That's a lot to answer.




So, anyway, goat milk is good for people who are overweight or have sugar problems. If you're underweight, goats milk has adrenal precursors and will cause you to be more hyperactive and very difficult to gain weight.

Has anybody ever seen a fat goat?

Seen a fat cow?

And there's the difference. I've never been able to get anybody to get fat and be healthier on goats milk, unless they were already fat and had diabetes or some other sugar problem, and there the goats milk is preferable.

Now, any milk that's been refrigerated loses its ability to increase cellular division, which means reproduction of cells. Cells in our bodies divide, become twins and grow up, have twins and grow up and mature, and that's how our body grows.

They don't have eggs, they don't have a full birth of a finished organism. They divide, the cells actually just split and then they grew up and become new cells, mitosis.

In milk, once you refrigerate it, it loses its exponential ability to promote cellular division.


Well would it need to divide cellularly? Why would milk?


No, it doesn't divide cellularly. It promotes it in us when we eat it. We can do that as long as it's unrefrigerated and it doesn't drop below 72°.


When we get our milk it's it's cold.


Yep, so it's lost that ability. So. we have to rely upon meats. Meats that are frozen are the same way, they no longer will promote rapid cellular division.

The raw milk and the frozen meat can still help regenerate cells that are already alive, but it won't promote speedy cellular division.


What do we need cell division for?


To get younger and healthier and stronger. Most people are walking around half dead. When you see an old person walking across the street like this, how many cells do you think are alive in their body? 25%, holding up the whole weight, and then they're not well at the same time.

So, if a person gets on a raw diet with unfrozen raw meats and unrefrigerated raw dairy. They will be able to divide cells and get stronger and healthy, have more cells be able to do more.

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