Refrigerating Eggs



refrigerated eggs


The only way we can buy fertile eggs is if they are refrigerated when we get them. 

If we take them out and leave them out, is that okay? 


Yeah, they will start building up their bacteria again, and more protein will access. Yes, never refrigerate eggs. You gotta re-read the books. 

Well, call your store. Find out when they get the eggs in, the eggs are never refrigerated until they are put on the truck. 

The truck takes five hours at the most to get to the last stop, so it's only a few hours. Find out what day and what time the eggs come in. Go in that day and they have only been refrigerated a few hours. 

Cause it takes them about 3 hours to get to the temperature where the law says that the eggs have to be delivered at a certain temperature, just like 48 degrees.  

Usually, the trucks will take it lower because they want them to chill faster but cause the first delivery may be only 3 hours away from the house where they got the eggs. 


So, you shouldn't put the eggs in the refrigerator? 


Eggs should never be put in the refrigerator 


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