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I keep a lot of my food in my vehicle and I keep a thermometer in there, especially in the summer just to make sure it doesn't really get too warm. The reason it's been going down to as low as 45°, I keep eggs in there and the milk I've been drinking, I've been trying to get room temperature milk. 

I'm finding the milk tastes almost as cold as a refrigerator. It's like sometimes 50° and the eggs have gone down to 45°.  

Actually, it gets pretty cold overnight, like in the morning, still might go down to 50°, but should I do stuff like with the eggs, keep them someplace warm? 


Yeah. Like a cupboard where it's warm. 


How much is lost if they go down to 45°?  


Well, it pretty much makes them dormant if they stay that way for, let's say 15 hours, then it starts losing bacterial and enzyme activity.  

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If it is 15 hours and then you keep them in a room for a couple of a days and come back. 


The bacteria will come back again.  

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If I'm in an emergency where I have to buy eggs at Whole Foods. 


Leave them out for 24 hours. Depends upon how long they've been refrigerated. 


I thought you said never buy eggs from Whole Foods because the eggs are not good. 


I never said never. There's always a better. And if you can do the better, the better is the better, you know, I mean, you don't wanna starve to death.  


On the milk, if it's like 50 degrees, is that still too cool? Should I heat it up with some hot water or something?  


It might be a little bit better if you have digestive problems or you're forming too much mucus, a lot of mucus is formed from eating milk cold. 

[Attendee #2] 

Is that bad? 


Well, that particular kind of mucus is there to get rid of the proteins that pass into the blood undigested. So, that's bad.  

The amount of mucus that would be produced normally just to get rid of brain toxicity, it would be half as much if it were heated. 





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