Red Patches and Cooked Chicken



cooked meat





My husband has big blotches on his back about this big. 


White colored? 


They're red, like a rash and he has called you before, he has just dystonia from fluroxene and he eats the raw diet because you told her to have chicken once a week, but he's been having to have it more because he's detoxing so much. 


You mean cooked chicken? 


Yes, cooked chicken. So, I was wondering...  


Uhh, the primal facial body care cream... usually it's a mold, could be a yeast infection and remember all molds are there to break down degenerative tissue. If it's a yeast mold that means that it's feeding off of sugar damage.  

If it's like giardia it's a cross between sugars, sometimes alcohol and toxic cooked heterocyclic amines that damaged the cell. Heterocyclic amines from cooking meats.  


So, now he feels so bad he's eating cooked chicken almost every day or every other day. 


He's not going to get beyond it then, he's just going to live in that state. He needs to soak in a hot tub, maybe an hour a day and put the primal facial body care on it from the recipe book.  

[Attendee #2] 

How do you deal with different metabolic types? I don't know that much about it, but I've heard people talking about depending on where you are from Alaska to South Africa, there's different metabolic types that feel good, eating different foods. 


That's a theory that nobody has any proof to substantiate and I certainly haven't been able to find it. In my actual practice with people, I have Africans who eat this diet, vegetarians who lived their whole life as vegetarians who eat the diet. 

So, I haven't found any, I've got Nordic people who eat this diet. They're the ones that are supposed to be the meat eaters, raw meat eaters from basically everywhere. 

I've got people from the tropics eating this diet and it's all favorable for everybody. So, this metabolic thing is somebodies' idealization on what they think should be happening in nature. 

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