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I smell good, and I didn't use to smell good.


Does that mean your nose works better or you have a good fragrance.


Nose works better.

My hearing and my sense of smell have improved and my vision is slightly down.


Then you need to eat more red meat with fish.

It's the only thing I found to affect vision.

In appendix X of the first book I had the epoxy that came out of my nose and it caused me cancer to deteriorate almost half of my nose, put a hole in my bone here, huge hole here in the head and went down in and scarred my eye. The cornea, eight layers of scar tissue.

The ophthalmologist said that I would have to have a transplant, that's the only way that it would ever improve. So, I went have my driver's license renewed in April, and I was able to read the chart, and I said, okay, I don't need my glasses anymore. They said, "Oh, no, once you had to wear glasses, you have to go to optometrist and he has to tell us that you don't have glaucoma. This is just a good day for you".

So, I went back to the optometrist and she took a look and she said, "You only have one layer of scar tissue left. So, you don't have to wear glasses anymore". So, I didn't have to wear them.

So, you know, it's working, it's slow. It's been eight years since that, but it's working. They improved. So, about three months after that cancer burn in the eye my vision was 140 over 80. And now it's 20-40.


What foods did you say?


Red meat and fish.


You mean it was 20 - 200, and now it's 20-40.


Yeah, 20 - 40.


140 over 80 is blood pressure.


I don't remember what it was. 140 something. 20 - 140? No, the was the visual was bad on both sides. Cause 20 and 20 means you have good long sight and good close.


So, you were nearsighted and far sighted?


Yeah. It damaged both. I couldn't read or see distance with this eye, it was one blur. Now I can almost see detail. Like I can tell your eye there, I can see the outline of your glasses, just slightly blurred now, but I can read your t-shirt.





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