Red Meat and Eyeballs For Vision




red meat



I was doing my experiments with people who had blurry vision. The thing that changed that blurry vision vision the most was red meat believe it or not. Don't know why.

I put 'em on chicken, I put 'em on fish. I put 'em on high chicken, high fish to get to the nerves in the eye, but nothing stopped the blurred vision like red meat.

I don't know why. It doesn't make any logical sense, but it's the way it is.

Carrot juice is very helpful in combination with your other juices, carrot juice and coconut cream and cream together helps correct the damage in eyes to help improve eye vision.


What about beef eyes?


That's great. Eating eyeballs is very helpful, but I haven't seen a great- the Indians used to eat eyeballs if any of 'em were having a deficiency and yes, it helped them a lot.

But on this program, people won't eat enough eyeballs. You just can't get enough of them, you've got a huge animal and two eyeballs. Just not enough eyeballs to go around for me to experiment enough, to see how well they will work if they have a diet high in eyeballs.

But there's not many people who eat eyeballs, so if you can go to North Star Bison, and ask her to send you all the eyeballs. Not many people order them, and you can see how much it will change your eyesight.

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