Red Meat For Glaucoma - Carrot Juice and Coconut Cream

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Yes, red meat is the most important I've found to reverse glaucoma  

Glaucoma is when the body is not circulating in and out of the eye. Circulation out of the eye is not as good as circulation into the eye. So, it creates a high pressure and it starts stretching the eyeball. 

It causes scar tissue, it causes lesions in the whole membrane in and around the eye and the greater the lesions, the less the visibility will be and then you could start developing cataracts. So, for some reason, red meat, and you would think it was white and you think would be seafood. 

But it isn't. In my experiments, I found that when I used exclusively white meat to help reverse an eye condition, it did not work. So, when I use a high proportion, like 80% red meat and 20% white meat, it worked best. And when I found that I used 10%, fowl, 10% seafood and 80% red meat, it worked the best. 

Also, two cups of carrot juice a week, one cup at a time with three ounces of coconut cream. For some reason, it gets in and starts cleaning out the eyeball that's causing restriction of blood out of the eye. It usually takes about six months.  

One experiment I did with a dog because he was completely blind with cataracts and the dog first had glaucoma. 

The dog had many other problems. He was completely crippled; he was 14.5 years old. He had MS to the point where this is all he could move *imitation*. So, his master would take him outside, have to rub his back in just for him to be able to go: urinate or defecate. So, I put the dog on a raw diet and in six months, the dog was jumping up and down off the couch, going out the doggy door on his own 

His vision was improved by 50% and that was a completely blind, deaf and crippled dog. And the dog could even hear. To what quality, I don't know, but you could say something to him, and he'd respond. 

That's usually from vaccines. The aluminum or the mercury are both going into the lung. It's usually not repairable.  

On dogs it's not easy cause you can't get them eat a little cilantro and other foods. If the dog will eat some coconut cream, might be able to reverse it. If he takes to eating coconut, probably be able to reverse it. 





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