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My ophthalmologist told me that a high percentage of people grow old have their vitreous humor pull away from the vent it's happened a tremendous amount.

I was just wondering is it possible to alleviate that situation.


Believe it or not, red meat. Red meat with cream and butter combined.

Theoretically, you think that because the eye is more nerves than anything else than muscle, that it would be like nerves reconstituted with white meat there, but in all of my experiments with people and myself, red meat is the only thing that will clear up the focus and the floaters, which are waste products your body's not breaking down.

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How much red meat?


It all depends upon the individual. So, even as much as it takes to refocus.

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And for people who are jitterish?


That's a little different. That's more white meat. i

I've had quite a few people do it. Some people on the diet for a long time, it stopped their advancement, but it didn't clear up the eye as much. Some people who put egg white in their eyes restored their vision and butter in their eyes and restored their vision, improved greatly as long as they follow the diet.

If you don't replace the nutrients properly, you're not gonna rebuild the eye and the fat isn't gonna do it greatly. Need the protein from the egg white, but it was always in conjunction with that.





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