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butter and honey



Here's my question, it's a weird question.


There is no weird question, only weird people.




So, my nose became red and swollen about two or three years ago and feel that there, and nobody knows what it is. I don't know.


She says that she has a red area on her nose that came out about three years.

[Attendee #2]

I do too.


I do too. See the scar that had left, it was just like hers.

When I had the tissue, when I looked at it under a microscope, guess what I found? Dristane. Dristane you took for runny noses and for flus and colds, mine came from that. Mine looked just like yours and mine covered this whole area here, now it's just a faint freckle.

I kept packing it with clay, it depended on how it reacted. When it burned and would puss sometimes, I'd put honey on it or saliva, bacteria, one time it stunk pretty badly, so I put some feces on it, cuz remember feces the most degenerated of tissue. That's why the E coli is in the bowel, it is the end of digestion.

It reduces fat and protein molecules to the finite particles that can feed the brain and nervous system. That's why people who do enemas and the colonics are very unstable people, cuz they're never feeding their brains and nervous systems, keep washing out all their E coli.

So, it depends on what happens with it, if it's sore and swollen, you put mud packs on it, clay packs. Keep it moist, so you have to put some kind of wrap around it to keep it moist through the night or during the day. Mostly I would put butter and honey on it. Just a small amount of honey and you put it on there, but when it turns white, it's pussing, then you use the clay packs.


What kind of clay?


Terramin clay is the best.


Should I Pierce it?


Only if you see it coming to a head. That's not coming to a head, that means the poisons are locking up in the tissue in your skin.


So, butter and honey?


Butter and honey helps a lot.

When I had these spots, I was in Asia and I didn't have a lot of butter, so I wanted to save the butter for my stomach. So, I refused to put butter on those sores. I was putting lime juice, coconut cream, and the honey, and I have to actually put bandages around them because if any of those sores touched pants or anything, it was like taking a needle and sticking in an open nerve of a tooth.

I could only wear silk pants, long silk pants if I wore long pants, but mostly I wore shorts with them rolled up, so it wouldn't get near the one on my knee. And it was excruciating, but they just weren't improving as well. And then I said, screw it I've gotta use the butter.

I started using butter and it alleviated the pain and problems that I had with those sores as they were discarding.

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