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Recess gums is a long process. He's asking what can we do to recessed gums? I realized that almost 80% of the metals that you have, the free radicals, the heavy metals that you have in the body are in the brain cause that's where most of the electromagnetic signals are transmitted and it takes metallic minerals to do that. 

So, every time you eat a cooked food, the free radicals, the heavy metals that had been chelated with some kind of a nutrient, whether it was arsenic, lead, mercury n very small amounts, it was all in the proper combination, it was a nutrient. Once it was cooked, it then became a free radical poison. 

80% of it goes to the brain. When it detoxes, it detoxes out the gums, the tongue and the salivary glands. Almost two thirds of it goes that process out. That's why you should always have a coated tongue, unless you've been on the diet maybe 30 years.  

And you will always have plaque on your teeth as long as you brain is detoxing and the way to remove that plaque, I just told you. 

So, heavy metals as they come down and come out the gums, it will cause a receding of gums. Nothing you can do about it, except eat some cheese and try to get more of the heavy metals to go through the digestive tract, instead of out your gums. But if you're using the coconut cream, it will help dissolve it and keep it from staying in the gums and irritating the gums and irritating your dentine. 

Now it's not the bacteria that's a problem with decay, the heavy metals get onto the teeth. They pull out the enamel damage. Then the bacteria results, trying to get rid of the damaged dentine. So, the first process is the poison metals that are coming from the brain, use the coconut cream and clay, or just the coconut cream and get it out of your mouth. 

If you've got receding gums, get a water pick, lemon juice, the sparkling water, especially gerolsteiner, and coconut cream and shoot that in your gums. You do that every day for 10 days, you will clean that plaque, so you don't have to have it scraped and it will keep your gums from deteriorating.  


It's all mixed together? The gerolsteiner, the coconut cream, and the clay? 


It's all mixed together in the water.  


How much do you use of the clay?  


Well, when you're brushing your teeth with the clay, that you don't use in a water pick. 


Green clay? 


No. Use the Terramin clay now. 


Oh, it's better? Throw out the green clay? 


Well, you can use that for out of body stuff, but not in the mouth. 


Out of body? 



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