Receding Gums







Probably detrimental because when I followed 4 people for a 10 year period... every animal in nature has receding gums, so pocket gets larger the older they are, but it works in increments. It's not a bad thing until you're way down below 32, the youth level, the child level.

And there's no harm in that. Dentist may a fortune on getting people to come in and get cleanings and then to take medication for that, and that's a natural thing. There's no disease associated with it. Disease is associated with eating lots of sugars that rot the teeth from the inside, not the outside.

They love to blame bacteria on the outside, but there's no test that proves that because where does the bacteria come from? Mainly comes from the inside, and goes out the tubules. Keeps being discharged out in the dentine and that weakens the dentine, then the cavity starts. I'm sure bacteria or plaquing can irritate it and cause it to be progressive.

Well, if you have severe plaque that has a lot of acid in it, I had a vagotomy, which means I had an operation, which severed all the nerves to my stomach, so I wouldn't produce hydrochloric acid.

What that did for me was, all the acid backs up into my mouth. That's when my teeth started rotting heavily because all my hydrochloric acid was going into my mouth, instead of my stomach. So, my teeth were just rotting away quickly, and still my teeth are okay comparatively, I still have my teeth. These are all my teeth. I don't have any implants, and I was supposed to lose them 35 years ago.

That to me is a good thing. My teeth aren't perfect, but I can use them. I can chew on the stuff with my teeth, it's enjoyable.


You have your wisdom teeth?



They were taking out when I was a kid...

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