Raw Soy Kills Humans and Birds







Soy is a product that is highly carcinogenic, is a known poison, it is illegal to put in even pesticides. Yet, every time you eat a soy product, including soy sauce, highly concentrated, not good stuff.  


And this comes from the fertilizer for the soybean? 


No, this is in the soybean naturally. It's naturally in the soybean. Naturally the soybean, human or any bird eats a soy, you're going to die, raw. It would kill me cause poisons in it. 

So, when they feed soy to all kinds of foul, chicken, turkeys, whatever it is, it has to be highly processed the same way it has to be for humans. Never raw and when they call it organic, it is not because you have to solvent treat some of it. So, would you wash your fruits with kerosene and eat it, call it organic. No, so it's a misnomer. 

Your Rosie chicken is fed 75 to 80% cooked, processed, solvent extracted soy. 

It is a misnomer, it's a lie. It is not organic. 


But you eat Rocky? 


I said Rosie. We eat Rocky Jr, they feed theirs 75 - 80% raw carn. Even though it may not be organic, I'll still take the raw corn over the cooked processed solving extracted soy. 


Soy milk they have now? 


Same thing, garbage. 


Then the rest is garbage soy. Rocky Jr. 

Well, Lilies would be the best, but Lilies won't sell us their chicken. They're an egg farm. 

I haven't investigated Harmony Farms. 

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