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Okay. First I'm gonna talk about the raw milk issue that's going on. The FDA finally stepped over the boundary and filed suit against one of my farmers, in Right To Choose Healthy Foods that we've contracted for their animals. And the FDA filed suit for a permanent injunction in civil court to stop them from producing raw milk for commerce.

Now they don't sell to the public, so the Amish farmer, they don't sue.

So, he just filed an answer saying, "I'm not in commerce. You have no jurisdiction. Go away".

I filed a cross-complaint and intervention saying that those cows are mine, belong to Right To Choose Healthy FoodS And you created a fraudulent lawsuit, a trivial one, and, you manufactured a warrant against HIM and he is not in commerce And I warned you on May 15th, 2010, I issued you a notice about it. You've disregarded it. it's also a conspiracy because you've gone up to quite a few of the farmers on this program and which you have no jurisdiction over.

So, I filed against them for fraud, conspiracy, Racketeering, deprivation of civil rights and kidnapping, False arrest.

You have to understand, if I subdue you for 5 or 10 minutes, it's kidnapping. When they do it, it's false arrest, IT'S BULLcrap. It's kidnapping. So, I've gone after them for kidnapping, not for false arrests.

Well, I put kidnapping in parentheses (false arrest) in the answers.

So, I was hoping they would make this movement for a long time, and they have now I've got to file the suit. And there are two high powered attorneys, one that tries cases on the right to association, which we have the right to do.

Clubs have the right to associate without government interference and then an attorney who won against the FDA seven times. So, these attorneys have agreed to pursue it. I want to do it myself, and I'm thinking about all three of us doing it because I named Doe's, 1 through 15, which are club members. If you go over any more of that becomes a class action suit and I couldn't handle class action suit, it's too complex and too complicated. So, I've left it with just John Does, 1 through 15 for just members and then against all the agents for the government, 1 to 100 Doe's.

[Doe's means John Doe, a.k.a, generic placeholder name]

So, that is the situation we're gonna see. I filed the cross complaint last Tuesday. So, we will see, when I was in Washington DC in Pennsylvania, visiting the farmer who was on his farm against whom the suit was filed.

So, I will let you know by email how that goes when I get their answer. The judge could be a jerk and then throw it out and then I'll have to appeal and go through all kinds of things, but he doesn't throw it out, then we will proceed to trial. I asked for a jury trial. They also requested magistrates, and I said, a magistrate is not a judge and will not proceed over this trial at all.

And I had a jury demand trial. I'm not gonna go with any judge. A judge works for the government, doesn't work for us. So, that is the situation. Any questions about that?


Wow, that's a big step.


Yep. All judges work for the government.


So, how do you get around? Oh, that's with the jury?


Jury, yes.

[Attendee #2]

Just to clarify, there's some farmers that contract milk?


What it is I created Right To choose Healthy Food, which contracts with different farmers. We lease their cows, they're animals, chickens, whatever.

Whether we want eggs, we want meat, we want dairy, whatever. S, they are not under health department restrictions for all their toxins, their poisons. They want us to put chlorine on our food and all these poisons on our food. I don't want those things on my food. So, to get out of their jurisdiction, we have to create an environment that removes them from jurisdiction.

They have jurisdiction over sales to the public. So, when Right To choose Healthy Food contracts with a farmer, he contracts for even the land if we want them to grow things and don't want that to be treated the way the health departments want any county, state, or federal health department regulations, we want to avoid those cuz they're all toxic.

So, the Right To choose Healthy Food members own those animals. They're not buying the milk, we own the milk, we don't buy the meat. We own the meat. We pay the farmer for caring for the animals, boarding them, milking them, bottling our food or packaging our food and then delivering it to us in the way that we want.

Then the member clubs and I have those spread out all over and there are many different club names that are part of Right To choose Healthy Food Club. Those members sign an agreement so that they know they own the food. They're not selling it. They cannot be acting under color of law, which means they cannot be an undercover agent and that's what they did with Dan Auger, that farmer who they filed suit again against, they had several undercover agents sign the document and then claim that they were sold the milk. So it's fraud. So, we have their signed, even though they use false names, we have there signed document.

It's a conspiracy. It's a rat race.


How can you possibly- I mean, if they're going to pretend to be in it, that makes me worried about people like telephone calling. Do I need to be worried?


Worried about what?


About telling people about how to get raw milk? Do I have to be careful about that.


I mean, no, you tell them you have to join the club.

You have to be a part owner and that's okay. You can, you can be a part owner in anything. So no, you don't have to be afraid to tell people. It's just that when you sign the membership agreement, it says you cannot testify against anything about the club nor anyone in the club, but you have to testify against any government agent who interferes with.

So, these agents, these undercover agents won't even be allowed to get on trial in the courtroom. They won't even be allowed to get on the stand because I've got an agreement.


What's the outcome? What do you foresee?


Oh, it's all depends on how hard the federal government wants to prove Nazissm. It's nazim. Full and hard and strong.


So, how much do they wanna prove? You mean that they all want to go forward and really.


Yeah. They want to completely control everything so that we have to buy Monsanto's products and everything.

Tthey tried to outlaw three times last year manure as fertilizer. Cause it has E.coli and dangerous, so they're saying Monsanto is safe, chemical poisons safe over bacteria when our bodies are 150 bacterial genes to every 1 human gene. We're not even 1% human.


So, They said, you can't take a poop.


Yeah, take a poop, you're breaking the law. You're contaminating everything. And that's one of things they said that Dan Auger was spreading disease to the community by producing raw milk. Rw milk has never been contagious. No disease that you supposedly get from raw milk or any milk is contagious.

It's more fraud and false acting conspiracy. That's why I went after them hard.


I wonder when they're gonna make breastfeeding illegal.


They've tried. Oh yeah, they tried.


The state of California?


The state of California? No, the state of California doesn't touch it.


Would it make any sense to, to petition Jerry Brown, something like that?

[Attendee #2]

Not Jerry Brown *laughs*.


Well, who's the senator involved in this? Is there senator involved in this?


Yeah, Ron Paul. He's not a senator. He is a congressman. He's from Texas. He wrote the raw milk bill. I worked with him on it, he just issued a new raw milk bill that will wipe out the FDA, of course, completely jurisdiction over raw milk crossing state lines. But it's very doubtful that that will pass because when I spent three months lobbying, while months setting it up, and there were five of us that went to Washington, DC in 2007, and we spent two months going to every Congressman, senators and the House of Representatives, all 535, and I gave them my milk report, mine and Dr. Douglas's milk report in favor of raw milk. Issued that everyone, and we had conversations with probably 115 for anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours, and we were out all day long, 10 hours a day doing this for that period.

And let me tell you, most of 'em thought raw milk was dangerous. They believe the media scam on it, the propaganda and it's, it's constant. So, it's likely that it won't pass. I mean, everybody's going to have to send in their thing saying you this is false information, I've been drinking raw milk even when it's soured and even when it's bad and not clean and never had a disease, so this is false information. Everybody's gonna have to do that. We're gonna have to get several million people to do it. That might make a difference.

But if the president goes through and vetos it, like Schwartzenegger did. We got that bill through the assembly and the Senate here in California a year and a half ago and it passed almost unanimously out of both the Senate and the Assembly. Only two people voted against it, so that meant a couple of hundred people voted for it and Schwarzenegger vetoed it, just like that.

So, it's a dance that they do because when the president or a governor vetos something they can override because there are more votes, more representation from the senators and the assembly persons than there is one person in the highest office.

So, all they had to do was override it and like Michael said, it was out of courtesy. Courtesy to whom? Who the hell are they working for? They working for the Republican party or Schwartzenegger, or are they working for the people? Courtesy to us? That's what it should be.





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